Welcome to N(O)NE's world

A Video Game / NFT Art Exhibition hybrid
7 episodes, 7 challenges, 7 rituals.
A transformational journey to become the best version of yourself.
A shared workbook of trials, ideas and inspirations, written in the language of art and shared through engaging and immersive experiences.

Making art an experience to be remembered

We believe that context is key for an emotional connection with an art piece.
Combining art, storytelling and immersive technologies we provide you an intimate and engaging art escape to experience digital art in a whole new way.


In a world where where individualism is king
and social media ratings define a person's value,
a mysterious collective that goes by the name of N(O)NE releases a series of anonymous art pieces on the web.
Each of them contains a puzzle you will have to solve to progress on a journey that will make you question your values and your identity.


What if you were given a clean slate, a chance to create something new, to communicate what you feel free from constrictions and other’s expectations?
Will you accept the challenge?
Be part of something that goes beyond what’s possible as an individual, use your art to inspire and guide travellers in the journey.
Be no one, embrace anonymity and get access to a totally new curated NFT Marketplace.


How would you judge an artwork not knowing who created it?
What happens when the social criteria we use to assess art are removed?
- Reconnect with art true meaning
- Collect NFT of your favourite artworks

Our NFTs

Founder Token (coming soon)

Acquire the power to translate N(O)NE's coded messages and get access to exclusive content and Airdrops.


Limited or unique editions of all the artworks featured in each episode.


Powerful objects in limited editions that will allow you to access exclusive 3D spaces, interact with the story and take part in the creation process.

N(O)NE is calling you

To get beyond your ego
To promote the message above the messenger
To put aside the search of praise and fame
To use your talents for something above your own interest

Be no one

We are all one